Transducer Development

Need a transducer designed for your needs?  Don't buy off-the-shelf; consider a custom developed solution for your specific needs.  If you're looking to buy 100+ pieces, a custom transducer can usually be designed and manufactured at a very competitive price.  Don't settle for good enough, get exactly what you need.  DW Design has done audio transducers ranging from 8mm x 12mm micro-drivers to 21" high stroke woofers.  Prosound, home audio, mobile audio, telecom.  I know the challenges you face, and can work hand-in-hand with your product development requirements to get what you need, at the price and delivery you want.

Key Benefits
     The exact performance you need
     The cosmetics you want
     The price you desire


Full FEA development
     I use MoTIV (a program jointly developed with DYNE Analytics) for magnetics development.  Calculix and IMPACT are used for soft parts development.  Alibre is my choice for 3D CAD work.
     I have Praxis, CLIO and Audio Precision available for use with an anechoic chamber (85 Hz low frequency cutoff) with a variety of test mics from ACO Pacific, B&K, and AudioControl. 
     Since I spend 6 months a year in China, I have deep connections to the off-the-shelf parts suppliers in Asia; I'll first search the extensive list of suppliers and open-tool parts that will work for your custom solution before recommending opening your own tooling.

Reference Accounts

Event Electronics 
     The Event Electronics Opal monitor - named Monitor of the Decade by FutureMusic - features a woofer and extensive system alignment and cabinet work by DW Design.
Microsoft Corporation/Polycom
     I designed the transducers and provided significant system acoustical optimization and manufacturing support for the Microsoft RoundTable (now the Polycom CX5000).
Audience AV LLC
     The Audience A3, the heart of Audience's award-winning line of full-range speakers, was designed from the ground up by DW Design.